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Understand the WHY behind the code

then build your own chatbot with Python!

If you want to land a job with Python, you'll need to be able to code on a whiteboard.

That means you need to understand the fundamentals. . . without autocorrect.

Python with Dr. Johns teaches you the skills needed to excel in the real world.

This course is designed for beginners who have little to no experience in programming. With easy-to-follow video tutorials, practical exercises, and quizzes, you'll quickly become familiar with Python's syntax and how to use it to create efficient and effective code.

You'll learn the basics of Python, including data types, functions, loops, and control flow. As you progress, you'll discover more advanced concepts.

But most importantly, you’ll understand the WHY behind the coding.

Dr. Johns gives an academic breakdown of Pythonic programming, so you’ll be able to code without autocorrect during an interview. 

Enroll now to take the first step in your Python career.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Emulating the Course Setup

    3. Command Line Basics

    4. Installing and Starting Python on Ubuntu

    5. Installing and Starting Python on Mac

    6. Installing and Starting Python on Windows

    7. Setting up PyCharm IDE (Part 1)

    8. Setting up PyCharm IDE (Part 2)

    9. Best Practices for This Python Course

    10. Using the Docs When You Have Questions

    11. Getting Started: Full Module Notes

    1. Python: The Cool Stuff You Can Do

    2. What is Python?

    3. Being a Pythonista

    4. Python Fundamentals Part 1/3

    5. Python Fundamentals Part 2/3

    6. Python Fundamentals: Part 3/3

    7. Assignment Brief: Hello, world!

    8. Assignment: Solution

    9. Assignment: Extra Credit

    10. Module 2: Full Module Notes

    11. Python Fundamentals: Quiz

    1. Core Object Data Types: Part 1

    2. Core Object Data Types: Part 2

    3. Core Object Data Types: Part 3

    1. Variables, Expressions, and Statements: Part 1

    2. Variables, Expressions, and Statements: Part 2

    3. Quiz: Data Types

    4. Quiz: Expressions

    5. Quiz: Variables

    6. Simple Bank Account: Assignment

    7. Simple Bank Account: Assignment Solution

    8. Simple Bank Account: Extra Credit Assignment

    9. Module 3: Full Module Notes

    1. Functions, Parameters, Arguments, and Scope

    2. Function Uses and Calls

    3. The Python Standard Library and Built-In Modules

    4. User Inputs

    5. Creating Functions and Function Naming Conventions

    6. Dunder Attributes and Lambda Functions

    7. Quiz: Functions

    8. Module 4 Assignment 1: Banking Program

    9. Module 4: Assignment 1 Solution

    10. Module 4: Assignment 1 Extra Credit

    1. Control Structures: Logic, Loops, and Boolean Operators

    2. If, Else, Elif, and the Paper, Rock, Scissors Game

    3. Control Structures: Conditional Code Blocks, Checking Variable Types

    4. Control Structures: Type Casting

    5. Functions Revisited: Type Hints

    6. Functions Revisited: Default Values

    7. Chained and Nested Conditionals

    8. Control Structures: Branches and The Pass Statement

    9. Quiz: Conditionals

    10. Iterations: The For Loop

    11. Iterations: The While Loop

    12. Iterations: Nested Loops

    13. Break and Continue Statements

    14. Quiz: Iterations

    15. Control Structures: Assignment Tips

    16. Control Structures: Assignment

    17. Control Structures: Assignment Solution

    18. Control Structures: Assignment Extra Credit

    19. Module 4: Full Module Notes

Course Details

  • $299.00
  • 147 lessons
  • 19 hours of video content
  • Source code
  • Assignments

Build your career with Python.

What my students are saying:

“...Robert is a great teacher! The material is concise and easy to follow along with.”

Dovi S.

“I was up and running with PyCharm in no time. Within a week, I was jumping ahead on projects to try new things on my banking app.”

Jim M.


Dr. Johns


Dr. Robert Johns is a skilled researcher with a notable background in blast engineering and advanced structural engineering. He holds two PhDs from the University of Southampton, where he conducted research for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). His work resulted in the development and validation of scaling methods and the refinement of threat models. Dr. Johns has extensive experience in research and data analysis, implementing computational modeling via CFD and FEA and utilizing statistical production of confidence intervals to analyze and interpret data. He helps beginners and experts hone their skills with Python using academic techniques not often found in an online course.

Introducing Python with Dr. Johns

Your introduction to Python with hands-on assignments, lecture notes, and source code.

The FIVE Reasons Why

People Fail to Learn Python

1. Lack of Motivation

While any new skill requires motivation and dedication, Python students need something extra to stay engaged. . . creativity. Dr. Johns designed this course to encourage creative and critical thinking with each assignment.

2. Poor Learning Environment

The learning environment can play a significant role in your success in learning Python. If you don't have a suitable space to learn or access to resources, you might find it challenging to make progress. 

This course gives students the ability to learn from anywhere. . . and you work at your own pace.

3. Inadequate Study Habits
Consistent and effective study habits are crucial for learning any new skill, including Python. If you don't have a structured study plan or fail to manage your time effectively, you might struggle to make progress.

You set your learning schedule, and you determine how much to put into the course. Dr. Johns designed module-by-module quizzes and assignments to keep you engaged.

4. Lack of Practice
Practice is essential for learning Python. If you don't practice regularly, you might struggle to retain the information you've learned and fail to develop your skills.

This course includes ongoing opportunities to practice what you learned. In the assignment sections, Dr. Johns provides challenges based on what you just learned.

Then, he offers unguided extra credit where you can practice even more skills.

5. Difficulty Understanding Concepts
Python is a complex language that requires an understanding of fundamental programming concepts. If you struggle to understand these concepts, you might find it challenging to apply them to Python and write effective code. 

That’s why Dr. Johns includes slides, detailed explanations, and his full source code with the course.

Straight from the Course

“Beautiful is better than ugly.  This means your code should be nice to look at. It sounds simple, but it makes it so much easier to use, to read, to maintain, and to share with others. Explicit is better than implicit.  Simple is better than complex. Python is supposed to be a simple language, so let's not make it overly complicated. . . Readability counts.  Again, simple, easy to read, concise code. This is the core of Python. ”

Dr. Johns


  • Do I need a coding background to take this course?

    You don't need a coding background to take Python with Dr. Johns. While students with some previous experience will fly though some topics, we designed this course to appeal to novices and more advanced programmers.

  • How long does the course take?

    Python with Dr. Johns is designed as an in-depth course and works best when treated as an academic pursuit. Students follow along at their own pace and should expect to spend at least a week on each module.

  • Where can I submit feedback?

    We love to hear from our students. Once you enroll, you can give Dr. Johns feedback directly. His email address is listed above.

  • Can I view the instructor's source code?

    Yes! Dr. Johns includes his full source code in the course. Students can follow along in their own IDE during the course and open the instructor's code for additional guidance.

  • What if I have a problem with the course?

    We're here to help! If you have trouble accessing the course, you can reach out to our team directly at admin at venturekite dot com.

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