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  • Python Chatbot Source Code

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    An easily adaptable blueprint that anyone with Python experience can use to create an AI-powered assistant that's able to use any data source from any domain to generate meaningful and contextual responses.

Course curriculum

    1. How to Build a Chatbot with GPT-3.5: Introduction

    2. What We Will Cover

    3. Skills You Will Learn

    4. Chatbot Resources

    1. Creating an API Key for Your Chatbot

    2. Getting Started: Python and PyCharm

    1. Gathering Data

    2. Cleaning Data

    3. Token Counts

    4. Vector Embeddings

    5. Python Imports: Starting Your Code

    6. Resource: The 24-Hour Chatbot Source Code

    1. Coding the Chatbot (Part 1)

    2. Coding the Chatbot (Part 2)

    1. Accuracy Testing

    2. Testing the Chatbot

    1. Reviewing the Lessons

    2. Chatbot Project: Extra Credit

    3. Conclusion: Congratulations!

    4. Resource: Full Chatbot Course Presentation Slides

About this course

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  • 20 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Benefits of The 24-Hour Chatbot

Students in this course can expect all these benefits.

  • Build your own Python chatbot in a single weekend

  • Use code from Dr. Johns to speed up your project

  • Add your own contextual data to make your chatbot unique

Learn the easy way to build a chatbot.

Dr. Johns teaches you to add your own contextual data to the chatbot, so your Python project stands out as unique.


Dr. Johns


Dr. Robert Johns is a skilled researcher with a notable background in blast engineering and advanced structural engineering. He holds two PhDs from the University of Southampton, where he conducted research for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). His work resulted in the development and validation of scaling methods and the refinement of threat models. Dr. Johns has extensive experience in research and data analysis, implementing computational modeling via CFD and FEA and utilizing statistical production of confidence intervals to analyze and interpret data. He helps beginners and experts hone their skills with Python using academic techniques not often found in an online course.

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“Robert is a great teacher! The material is concise and easy to follow along with.”

Dovi S.